China from my phone cam

Many of my photos in this part of the world have been shot on the go with my Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 mobile phone. Usually from a taxi or while walking to/from a meeting or meal, stopping for only a few seconds to compose and then snap the shutter if something caught my eye, then sprinting to catch up with colleagues.

The Truth is Out There…

Shot these last Friday evening on US-67 just west of Marfa, and in particular just west of the the ”Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Area.”  We originally had plans to attend the Star Party at the McDonald Observatory that evening. That didn’t work out as the weather was not cooperating. So we bailed on those plans and were heading back towards… Continue reading The Truth is Out There…

An inspiring and challenging week in the Big Bend

Last week was inspiring and challenging from a photographic point of view. Inspiration and photo opportunities abounded from the never ending vistas and quirkiness presented to my senses in west Texas. Inspiration also hit after spending several hours visiting the Marathon, Texas based galleries of two talented guys who have been shooting in Big Bend for many years, James Evans and E. Dan Klepper. James wasn’t… Continue reading An inspiring and challenging week in the Big Bend

Shootin’ in Big Bend

Taking a little time off this week and shooting some new material in the Big Bend region of west Texas. It’s hot as hell here.  109F/43C yesterday. Late afternoon storms helped bring the temp down a bit to 92F/33C. Actually in the evening it is dry with lovely warm breezes. Perfect for sitting outside with a refreshing beverage… Continue reading Shootin’ in Big Bend

BACKSTORY: Ballyquin Beach

I developed a love of photographing beaches and coastlines while living in Ireland. Since it is an island nation, it features nearly 2000 miles (3200km) of varied and mostly spectacular coastline.  The waters are pure in most spots, the beaches unspoiled, and you never feel like there is a crowd. There were several times we’d head to a favorite beach and would… Continue reading BACKSTORY: Ballyquin Beach

BACKSTORY: Cortona Sun

Cortona is a small wine-producing town in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy. While living in Ireland for 5 years we had the opportunity to visit this area a few times between 2010 and 2013, and always in the summer. As we were on holiday and based ourselves in nearby Lucignano, each day around noon my wife and I would look at each… Continue reading BACKSTORY: Cortona Sun