Shootin’ in Big Bend

Taking a little time off this week and shooting some new material in the Big Bend region of west Texas.

It’s hot as hell here.  109F/43C yesterday. Late afternoon storms helped bring the temp down a bit to 92F/33C. Actually in the evening it is dry with lovely warm breezes. Perfect for sitting outside with a refreshing beverage and contemplating the next day’s activities.

It’s not easy shooting in extreme heat. Even the cameras overheat and can shut down.

We made it over to the Boquillas Crossing, one of the loneliest international crossings between the USA and Mexico.   We didn’t cross over.

However a little down the river from Boquillas there was a boy who crossed over from the Mexican side and left some items for sale on a rock high on the cliff overlooking the frontier. He then crossed back over and waited with his horse under shade tree on the Mexican side.

One could buy his any of is items left for about $12 bucks. Honor system. Just leave money in the can.  Wish we we had some cash. No ATM nearby!

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