The Truth is Out There…

Shot these last Friday evening on US-67 just west of Marfa, and in particular just west of the the ”Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Area.”  We originally had plans to attend the Star Party at the McDonald Observatory that evening. That didn’t work out as the weather was not cooperating.

So we bailed on those plans and were heading back towards our accommodation in Alpine when we spotted even darker skies rolling in from the southeast at roughly 8 PM.  The light was lovely as there was partial low sun shining against the wall of clouds and on the never-ending landscape.

Of course I pulled over, grabbed my tripod and started shooting until the lightning and thunder (and my wife) convinced me otherwise.

Marfa Light


It’s Going To Rain

The Marfa Lights are legend. We’ve looked for them a few times. Plenty has been written about them, and thus this post’s headline that I lifted from a Texas Monthly article written in 2006.


I think you could stay up on a cold winter night and spot them — if you have an open mind and a few drinks. Otherwise I prefer to look for the incredible varying light that the desert offers in the general vicinity of Marfa during the daytime, and in particular in and around those west Texas monsoon storms.