Changing light

One thing for sure about Big Bend National Park, and west Texas in general, is the quickly changing color of the sky and land at dusk. The mood and color of your surroundings will shift within minutes at almost anytime of the year. I shot this on New Year’s Eve 2015 on our way out of the western end of the park heading towards Study Butte and then back up to Alpine.

Sunset on 2015 [Big Bend National Park, Texas]

I have to be prepared to work quick if I want to properly capture something that catches my eye.  On this occasion I was not entirely prepared and not 100% pleased with the resulting image, as I didn’t use a tripod and didn’t use my best DSLR camera for low light, so it’s not as sharp and noiseless as I’d like. This was shot with a pocket-sized Canon.  Next time I’ll have both closer and ready!