I was up early this morning.

Had to take my folks to the airport at 5:45 AM. Decided to stop downtown on the way back to get in a good walk around the lake before the sun was out in force.

Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) – Austin, Texas

One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings in Austin is hike or bike around the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail and The Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake in central Austin.

It’s full of life and activity. Although not so much at 7 AM on a Sunday morning in August.

Early morning on the Roy & Ann Butler Hike & Bike Trail

This was my first decent walk in almost two months. A leg injury has sidelined me all summer from my usual exercise and CrossFit regimen—and ability to take pictures not much further away than a few yards from a car or building.

So it felt refreshing to get out and about in public and at least be able to walk a few miles with almost no pain.

Early morning on the Roy & Ann Butler Hike & Bike Trail

I usually never bring my DSLR with me on the trail as it’s just too much to carry and deal with when one’s primary mission is exercise. Typically I’m not on the trail until much later in the morning and the light is usually not that great for any shooting by then.

However this morning I wish I had brought it with me as the early morning light and shadows served up a different scene altogether.  All these pictures were taken with my Nexus 6 phone camera.

It was relatively cool and pleasant. Only 76F/24C, going up to 103F/39C so I was glad to get on the trail early!

West Central Austin and Cesar Chavez St.

Our city of Austin is growing by leaps and bounds. 330,000 folks when I was in school—now about a million. Despite the incredible growth, the the hike and bike trail, the boardwalk and the lake remain among the most beautiful and invigorating public gems the city has to offer!

By pinkybrand

I publish to three blogs. One (PinkysEye.com) is related to my lifelong interest in photography, video, travel, and telling stories. The second (PinkyBrand.com) addresses my experiences and opinions in the domain name industry, where I’ve spent the better part of the last 27 years at the registry, registrar, and consulting levels. The third (iq.global/blog) shares knowledge and updates from iQ Global AS regarding SaaS and consultancy services that are primarily designed and operated for the benefit of domain name registries, registrars, and resellers.

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