Puerto Rico memories

I’m saddened for those in Puerto Rico affected by the devastating blow from Hurricane Maria. Several relief funds have been put to motion in the wake of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.  If you have interest in donating, one such fund is United For Puerto Rico, launched by the First lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Areizaga, and private corporations. The recent… Continue reading Puerto Rico memories


Sharing a tranquil scene that is stilled burned into my mind from 5 years ago this September. Shot this near the end of a long lazy late summer day doing absolutely nothing at Playa de Sotavento de Jandía, a stunning coastal paradise of turquoise water and fine white sand on the southern end of the island of Fuerteventura… Continue reading Fuerteventura


My flight from Dublin was 90 minutes landing in Frankfurt. I sprinted from one end of the terminal to the other in order to make the connection to Beijing as no courtesy golf cart assistance available. Easily a 2km sprint with all my stuff. Included enduring a thorough and maddening random search. Made it to… Continue reading BACKSTORY: FRA Drops

Guadalupe River memories…

Here’s the sleepy Guadalupe River as it meanders through the Texas Hill Country. At the age of eight I attended Camp Rio Vista on the banks of the Guadalupe and swam in this river almost every day. I recall being scared to death at the first sight of having to swim in the river, as I had only… Continue reading Guadalupe River memories…

A requiem for Key West – Pre Irma

Spent a few days down in Key West, America’s southernmost city, back in 2008 with my youngest son. Top 10 best sunset watching spot ever. The main idea at the time was to do some deep sea fishing. Kind of a bucket list thing. Something neither of us had ever done. We managed to catch about a dozen tuna, although… Continue reading A requiem for Key West – Pre Irma

Throwback Thursday: 2003 in Botswana

Early morning at The Khwai River Lodge in Botswana on 28 June 2003. Since we were in the southern hemisphere it was wintertime and near freezing. Not particularly a good day for a sunrise swim! Elephants roamed freely but were not around when I captured this scene. And while I’m on that subject I encourage you… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: 2003 in Botswana

Year #4 back in the States

Today, 1 September 2017, marks four full years back in the United States after living in Ireland the previous five years. Time flies. This was among the first set of photos I took upon returning to my native America.  After being away for so long it was slightly strange for me to see the Stars and Stripes flying in so many… Continue reading Year #4 back in the States