A requiem for Key West – Pre Irma

Spent a few days down in Key West, America’s southernmost city, back in 2008 with my youngest son.

Top 10 best sunset watching spot ever.

Sunset sailing in Key West, Florida

The main idea at the time was to do some deep sea fishing. Kind of a bucket list thing. Something neither of us had ever done.

We managed to catch about a dozen tuna, although we paid heavily (especially my son) with sea sickness.

Yep, check that off the bucket list for sure.


Part of our tuna haul in Key West, Florida


For the record the tuna sashimi right off the boat was absolutely divine. However to this day it remains the one and possibly only time deep sea fishing will be attempted. 🙂

Otherwise fond memories of hanging out with my son there, wowing at the sunsets from Mallory Square, checking out Duval Street, surviving a rolling wave (and more sea sickness) boat trip to the Dry Tortugas, exploring the incredible Fort Jefferson, marveling at the beautiful palm tree lined streets and old homes with white picket fences, hitting up a few tropical garden restaurants, and of course partaking in a few refreshing tropical beverages.

Residential street in Key West, Florida
90 Miles to Cuba sign in Key West, Florida


Pelicans and a manatee in Key West, Florida


Seagulls and old sailing vessel in Key West, Florida


Gulf of Mexico as seen from Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas


Nine years later Hurricane Irma is bearing down on this little bit of paradise. No one knows for sure what will happen, but it seems there will certainly be extensive damage. I hope and pray that it is kept to a minimum, and that residents have managed to flee to safety.

I also hope and pray that friends living or vacationing elsewhere in Florida remain safe.

Visiting Key West and the Dry Tortugas at least one more time will remain on my Bucket List.

For now there are the first-time memories…


Me at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas [Photo credit: J. Brand]

All pics were taken in March 2008 with my now retired Canon 20D.

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