2 new TrIpPy cLiCkS

Two new additions to my TrIpPy cLiCkS gallery. No filters. No photoshop. Only cropped.

Shot this in Buenos Aires a few years ago. Was sipping a nice Malbec at the time. I call it “Barra de Ensueño.”  Translates loosely to “Dream Bar” or “Daydream Bar.”

Barra de Ensueño [Argentina]

This one is from way back in 2006 while visiting Marrakesh, Morocco. This was an alleyway in the absolutely fantastic old Medina section of the city.

I can’t exactly recall, but I was either in a moving taxi and snapped the shot, or was just walking and for whatever reason captured a blurry scene.

Medina Alleyway [Marrakesh, Morocco]