sAtUrDaY A.M. TrIpPiN’

I’ve just added a couple more images to my TrIpPy cLiCks gallery.  Both original images were captured with my old Nexus5 phone.  I decided to play around a bit in PhotoShop with these pics.

Shot this one back in 2014 while on a business trip to Macau.  It’s a gigantic light fixture at the Galaxy Hotel.  I added a slight twirling effect, as that is how the scene unfolded to me when I did my own twirling around under the wonderful installation.

Trippin in the Light Fantastic [Macau]
I converted the image below to black and white, then I isolated on the water pouring from each bamboo trunk. Then I played around with the “threshold” setting in order to amplify (admittedly somewhat unnaturally) on the pouring water.

Triple Drip [Austin, Texas]
Not sure these images work for everyone, but I had fun playing around in my “darkroom” this morning with these!