Tranquility on the way to H-E-B

I haven’t had much time for posting of late. A little hectic in the past month.

With all kinds of stuff going on, sometimes one of life’s little pleasures is just taking a break, driving to our local grocery H-E-B grocery store and shopping for the evening’s dinner ingredients.

To be clear that is just one small little pleasure. I can think of lots more that would be a bit more exciting in terms of taking a break from work.  🙂

So anytime I do head over to H-E-B or need to run an errand in the local Lakeway area, I usually pass by this typically tranquil lake in our car. Actually more like a pond.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve said I need to stop and get a picture of the situation.  It’s not easy to do as the only accessible shore not on private property is very close to the side of a relatively busy road in our area—Lakeway Blvd.  There’s zero shoulder to safely stop and get out in order to properly capture the scene.

Lately with our unusually long spell of dreary February winter weather I’ve been hankering to stop. Over a period of weeks I’ve noticed the stillness of the water combined with just a touch of fog above the surface would make for a tranquil image. Hard for me to resist from a photography point of view.

The tranquility is only observed for a second or two when driving on Lakeway Blvd., but lovely when one changes their normal driving routine and actually stops to check it out.

So today I safely parked the car down the road and walked over to the shore.

Light fog hovers above the surface of tranquil pond in Lakeway, Texas.

I took 14 shots with my mirrorless Canon EOS M3 and 18-55mm lens. This was the first one. There’s not much color going on here since it’s the dead of winter, but I think quite a bit of a tranquil mood.

Sometimes I see folks fishing at this spot. Sometimes I see some loons floating near the lily pads.  None today. I think I’ll return once spring is in full bloom and do a comparison shot.

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