Wildlife out my Window

Above is a fawn that startled me one morning last May just hanging out in our succulent fountain garden just outside our kitchen. I think he or she must have found it to be a nice safe and soft spot to relax!


Living west of Austin out by Lake Travis, in the central Texas Hill Country provides an opportunity to observe all kinds of wildlife each day from inside our home, particularly from my study/home office windows. Bright red cardinals, bluejays, hummingbirds, mockingbirds, doves, the occasional skunk, armadillo or possum (usually at night) and the always graceful and beautiful whitetail deer.

There is no shortage of deer in our area. At various times of the day they will catch my eye while I’m working.  Especially in May and June when the little ones are born.

This year it seems we have three sets of twin fawns foraging on and around our property. Shot this just after my morning cappuccino.

Managed to capture the below image and video through the glass door in our study.


It’s not that easy to get them on camera. They can detect my presence so easily, even from inside.

Below added on 9 June 2018. Shot through the door window in my study while sitting. They did not seem to notice me at all on this shoot. I think mainly because I turned off the dang auto-focus that makes a lot of clicking and whirring noise.  Much better to shoot manual in this situation. Used my 70-300mm lens on my Canon 70D. It’s a longer edit (almost 6 minutes) to three music scores.

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