Bambi & Bamba

Born today (6 May 2020) in Lakeway within sight of our doorstep. We’ve named them Bambi & Bamba.

I was just getting ready to do my daily plant watering chores in our front garden patio. I had the hose in my hand and had my eyes auto-fixated on the gate handle in order to open up the gate when I was startled to see the mother on the other side. I immediately jumped back, as it is not unusual for a deer to be exactly at this spot on a hot day, and I don’t want to be in their way if they decide to bolt!

I expected her to flee immediately through the bushes. She didn’t budge. It was then I noticed the babies just below her and realized she wasn’t going to leave them. I retreated slowly to our front door and then immediately grabbed my camera and notified my wife. She says they are making little baby sounds and haven’t started feeding yet.

I had to put a sign out to keep delivery folks and anyone else from coming through the area to our front gate. They moved on as the day progressed; however as my experience in Lakeway going back to the late 60s provides, they will likely be spotted in and around the neighborhood over the coming weeks and months. I have never grown tired of watching them over the decades.

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