In a big bend mood

Here’s a video I put together last Friday evening. I set it to a licensed score titled “Borderline” that fits the mood I wanted to convey. The score title coincidentally reflects the fact that some of my photos in this video were literally taken on the border between Texas and Mexico.

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the area again. It’s one of my Happy Places on the planet that have special meaning.

By the way, some of the photos that appear in my video are avaiable as framed prints via my online store. And beginning in early October 2020 some of those framed prints will be available for viewing and direct purchase at 2 Moons Art Loft in Dripping Springs, Texas.

By pinkybrand

I publish to three blogs. One ( is related to my lifelong interest in photography, video, travel, and telling stories. The second ( addresses my experiences and opinions in the domain name industry, where I’ve spent the better part of the last 27 years at the registry, registrar, and consulting levels. The third ( shares knowledge and updates from iQ Global AS regarding SaaS and consultancy services that are primarily designed and operated for the benefit of domain name registries, registrars, and resellers.

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