Pinky’s Eye is my blog about photography, video, and wanderlust travel. It is entirely written and edited by me, Pinky Brand.

I learned photography by trial and error. I’m still learning.

In junior high I spent most days after school in a slightly larger than phone-booth sized darkroom that my father built, dealing with all those smelly Kodak and Ilford photo chemicals and a totally analog and manual process.

Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, I became a professional television news video/photojournalist, editor, and live field producer at Channel 24 KVUE-TV ABC ‘Action News’ in Austin, Texas.

After eight wonderful years in the TV news business, I moved on to entrepreneurial ventures, spending much of the past 22 years heavily involved in the Internet domain name industry, and traveling extensively—57 countries and counting!

I have never let up shooting when on the road, and am pleased to share much of my content library via this blog, and on my photography site.

I thank you for visiting!  I hope you enjoy the photos and the stories, and I look forward to your comments and discussion.