Pinky’s Eye is my blog about photography, video, travel—and life. It is entirely written and edited by me, Pinky Brand.

In junior high I spent most days after school in a slightly larger than phone-booth sized darkroom that my father built, dealing with all those smelly Kodak and Ilford photo chemicals and a totally analog and manual process. Anyone remember Kodak D-76, stop-bath, fixer, and hypo-clear chemical baths?

I was fortunate to be accepted to The High School for the Performing & Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston. It was inspiring to be around so many creative and artistic types. I shot lots of film and dabbled with reel-to-reel black and white video.

While other kids my age attending “normal” senior high schools in Houston participated in sports after school, I was earning $2.10 per hour every afternoon as a paid intern with Fred Damon Photographics in West University. Fred would shoot anything—wedding chapel deals, oilfield equipment, executive portraits, passport pics, etc. You name it, he did it, and I’m the guy that printed some of that stuff.

Upon receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, I became a professional television news video/photojournalist, editor, and live field producer at Channel 24 KVUE-TV ABC ‘Action News’ in Austin, Texas.

After eight wonderful years in the TV news business, I moved on to entrepreneurial ventures, traveling extensively for 26 years—to 57 countries and counting!

I thank you for visiting!  I hope you enjoy the photos, videos and stories on this blog, and I always welcome comments and discussion.  If you’d like to explore a bit more beyond my blog, I invite you to visit my galleries.