Framing now available on any image.

I’m pleased to announce expert custom hand framing and matting is now available on most images in my galleries. Since I don’t shoot or crop all of my photos to fit “normal” off the shelf frame sizes, I’ve arranged to work with some very experienced framers to offer custom hand crafted frames and mattes. They are […]

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Greenhouse glass

Decided to bring a camera along while watering my mother’s garden this morning. Shot this in her greenhouse. It was the web that initially caught my eye. Then I noticed the soft morning light shining on the old colored glass and snapped a few shots. This is the only one that caught it all with […]

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I’m still learning.

I learned photography by trial and error, and I’m still learning. In junior high I spent most days after school in a slightly larger than phone-booth sized darkroom that my father built, dealing with all those smelly photo chemicals and a totally analog process. Anyone remember Kodak D-76, stop-bath, fixer, and hypo-clear chemical baths? One […]

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