El Jacal de Luna

About 6 miles north of the Texas-Mexico border, and the Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park, just off the Old Maverick Road, is “El Jacal de Luna,”  (Luna’s Jacal)

Changing light

One thing for sure about Big Bend National Park, and west Texas in general, is the quickly changing color of the sky and land at dusk. The mood and color of your surroundings will shift within minutes at almost anytime of the year. I shot this on New Year’s Eve 2015 on our way out of the… Continue reading Changing light

VIDEO: In a Big Bend mood…

I shot some video on our latest trip last month out to Terlingua and the Big Bend National Park in west Texas. I finally got around to editing a little 3:14 piece along with a music score. While not technically the best I can do, I tried to capture the mood of the area a few weeks ago along with our generally very… Continue reading VIDEO: In a Big Bend mood…

An inspiring and challenging week in the Big Bend

Last week was inspiring and challenging from a photographic point of view. Inspiration and photo opportunities abounded from the never ending vistas and quirkiness presented to my senses in west Texas. Inspiration also hit after spending several hours visiting the Marathon, Texas based galleries of two talented guys who have been shooting in Big Bend for many years, James Evans and E. Dan Klepper. James wasn’t… Continue reading An inspiring and challenging week in the Big Bend

Shootin’ in Big Bend

Taking a little time off this week and shooting some new material in the Big Bend region of west Texas. It’s hot as hell here.  109F/43C yesterday. Late afternoon storms helped bring the temp down a bit to 92F/33C. Actually in the evening it is dry with lovely warm breezes. Perfect for sitting outside with a refreshing beverage… Continue reading Shootin’ in Big Bend