Happy Bluebonnets!

Shot this with a flash late in the afternoon just off Highway 290 between Dripping Springs and Henly, Texas.

Bluebonnets | West of Dripping Springs – Hays County, Texas

The next two images were captured just off the Willow City Loop, about 85 miles (136km) west of Austin, or 24 miles (38km) northeast of Fredericksburg, Texas.

This particular country road, most of it immediately adjacent to or crossing private ranch land, along with the landscape views off of the road, is among the very best spots in Texas to view bluebonnets in their natural state—and not off the interstate or arterial roads where stopping your vehicle and getting out may not be optimal.

Despite the remoteness, it can get crazy-crowded in and around Willow City on weekends during the bluebonnet season.  Even during the week you won’t be relatively alone as you might be other times of the year.

It’s worth the drive though. Photo opportunities abound. But respect the property owners’ land, the no trespassing signs, and their privacy.

Bluebonnets | Willow City Loop – Gillespie County, Texas
Bluebonnets | Willow City Loop – Gillespie County, Texas