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Farmhouse Vineyards Tipsy the Tasting Trailer - Johnson City, Texas

A spur of the moment decision on a hot summer June afternoon led to a quick getaway on roads heading west from Austin.

We read about a vintage 70’s Airstream converted in to a wine tasting trailer in Johnson City. Everything offered in the Farmhouse Vineyards Tipsy the Tasting Trailer is made from grapes grown by multi-generational growers in the High Plains AVA of Texas.

Since the temps were approaching 99F/37C we definitely did not want to be outdoors. The tasting trailer provided an excuse to head indoors and taste wine in an unusual setting.

Wow what a neat experience. We stepped inside to cool A/C comfort and an inviting atmosphere and host.

Farmhouse Vineyards Tipsy the Tasting Trailer – Johnson City, Texas
Our lovely host. Born and raised in the High Plains AVA.

It’s tiny but spacious enough for 4-5 guests plus the hosts. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the family owned Farmhouse Vineyard history and the Texas wine biz.

We prefer dry whites in the heat, and the West Texas Farmer’s Wife (100% Malvasia Bianca) was our favorite taste of the day.

West Texas Farmer’s Wife (100% Malvasia Bianca)

There is a handy outdoor street-side garden of sorts (Texas style) where one can sit, sip and chatter.  However it was just too hot to enjoy.  I’m sure during cooler times of the year, or in the summer evening it would be lovely to sit outside the trailer, especially when there are some breezes to cool you down a bit.

Farmhouse Vineyards Tipsy the Tasting Trailer – Johnson City, Texas

It’s easy to miss this little gem if you’re heading west on Hwy. 290 from Johnson City onwards to Hye, Stonewall or Fredericksburg.  Look to your right just a few blocks west of “downtown” Johnson City.  It’s beside the 290 Vinery on Ave. L.




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