China from my phone cam


Soldiers in Beijing [2013]

Since 1999 I’ve made 30+ visits to China, and more than I can count to Hong Kong and Macau. All business related. With the exception of down time over some weekends and evenings, I’ve never had much time to devote to just wandering around and really spending some quality time taking pictures on my own. That is expected when one’s primary mission and focus is business.

Many of my photos in this part of the world have been shot on the go with my Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 mobile phone. Usually from a taxi or while walking to/from a meeting or meal, stopping for only a few seconds to compose and then snap the shutter if something caught my eye, then sprinting to catch up with colleagues.


Leafless trees on a clear and cold winter morning as seen from my taxi from the Beijing airport to my hotel.


Saw this guy taking a smoke break while caught in a traffic jam in Chengdu.

These days mobile phone camera resolution is incredibly decent as long as you don’t zoom in, which immediately results in image degradation and pixelation, as most phone cameras only provide a digital zoom vs. a real optical zoom lens.

Sometimes I’m OK with the unintended effect of a digital zoom, as it can amplify the mood of a particular scene. Most of the time however, I shoot full-tilt wide with whatever phone I’ve got on me and crop/edit later.

I’ve got way too many photos of this region to share. For now here are some from my phone cam archives.

By pinkybrand

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