New TrIpPy cLiCkS gallery

Check out my new TrIpPy cLiCks gallery.


Comfortably Trippy [Texas-2017]
 It’s all designed to be a bit trippy. Otherwise what I call “Happy hour affected imagery.”

Anything you see can be mounted, framed and delivered direct to you.

Speaking of that, I have two large framed pieces of the above available that I’m offering at a great price. It’s a 22” x 22” fine art print using archival inks, set in a beautiful acid-free white mat,  and then finished off in a 29” x 29” whitewashed wood gallery frame.

It’s a larger piece, so I think it would be suitable for an office or hospitality area, or even in your home on a wall begging for a different visual situation.

I’m letting each go for $327, including shipping to any continental USA street address.

There are only two available like this.

Not sure?  Have a drink and then think about it some more.  🙂

Luckily there are more happy hours in the future, so that means I’ll be adding more happy-hour inspired TrIpPy cLiCkS images to the gallery in the coming months.

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I publish to three blogs. One ( is related to my lifelong interest in photography, video, travel, and telling stories. The second ( addresses my experiences and opinions in the domain name industry, where I’ve spent the better part of the last 27 years at the registry, registrar, and consulting levels. The third ( shares knowledge and updates from iQ Global AS regarding SaaS and consultancy services that are primarily designed and operated for the benefit of domain name registries, registrars, and resellers.

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