Cinema + live soundtrack? Love it.

Never watched cinema with a live soundtrack performed from just below the screen? You should definitely add it to your bucket list.

As a volunteer with VoyagerFest, I’m working on a webcast episode that is expected to include a feature on “the most adventurous band from Austin, TX” — The Invincible Czars — who were winding up a 30 city tour across the USA in their hometown last night, (14 Nov. 2018) performing to the 1925 American silent film The Phantom of the Opera.

It was a marvelously tight score performance and integration with the screen action. Plus an added bonus was the requested audience partcipation!

The clip you see here is a very short edit from last night’s experience.  Hopefully we’ll get the first episode out after we’ve had the chance to capture some more video and then hit the editing room.


Screen Shot 11.17.13 _psE1_wm1

Screen Shot 11.10.13_psE1_wm1